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We do not consider proactivity as a means in itself, but rather see it as strategy to achieve your growth targets in a controllable manner.
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Proactivity is not about persuasion, but all about timing.

The customer asks, we deliver. This motto describes the commercial strategy of most European companies. They have grown in response to the structural needs of their customers. Quite often that responsiveness has led them to secure a more than respectable market position. And through dedication and flexibility they have frequently been able to build a lasting relation with their customers. A new problem for the customer means a new opportunity for the company and new prospects.

But what happens next? What if the customers decide to fulfill their needs in a different way? What if there is unwanted competition? Or what if managers or CEO’s are no longer satisfied with the status quo and decide to take the future of the company into their own hands?

We see too many European companies that have grown in response to the needs of their customers but that do not succeed in introducing their supplies to their target audience early enough. As a result a large part of the decision process is actually already completed. The added value which one thinks can be offered through customisation and advice is no longer relevant and the price is pushed down accordingly. If this sounds familiar we would love to invite you to get to know our company better. Because we are here to help companies solve this.

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Customer testimonials

Proactify is a brilliant company to collaborate with. They really contribute to the actions you need to take and how to start them off, follow them up, ... They are great collaborators!

David Taverniers
Easy Systems

I was indeed pleasantly surprised by Proactify’s professionalism and open way of communication. They really stand out in terms of approach and dedication! The first collaboration was a success and it is with immense pleasure that I have extended our collaboration.

Ruben Deleu

As a supplier of a new, unknown technology we were referred to Proactify to support our lead generation process. Although our specialty "Databots" and "RPA Implementation" are anything but simple subjects to be explained in one short phone call, Proactify was quickly able to set up appointments with the right contacts. They come highly recommended.

Johan Van den Bulck
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