It is true that the world is unstable and that it is an illusion to think that you will not be affected. Business cycles fluctuate, (corona)crises break out, purchasing habits alter and markets change. However, we do believe that it is sensible to control what can be controlled.

Keep what is good, improve wherever possible

Very often companies have already developed a valuable commercial operation which should not be discarded. However, it could often benefit from optimisation. Therefore we always start with 4 workshops, in which we, together with your key staff members, identify the causal factors that have led to the current success. The experience of all the participants is shared and assembled in one central logic around the added value of the company. The optimisations we offer are based on a wide experience in various sectors and with diverse commercial positions.

A soon as we have determined which optimisations can further improve the current operation, we work together with you to build a proactive operation alongside this system. All necessary prerequisites for turning your proactive growth into a success are incorporated. This ranges from pricing to alternative collaboration models with customers or partners, and from social media to other communication channels. It goes without saying that all the pieces must fit and that it is never a good idea to try to grow with something that does not function adequately. This would only increase the pressure on the weaknesses.

Based on the results of these workshops, together with you, we make a selection of our services to carry out every aspect of the plan at exactly the right moment. Therefore we can ensure that this plan is put together very accurately while tailored to your company and that the plan is also endorsed by your key personnel.




Plan of action


Phased implementation with reporting




Long term collaboration

What can you expect?

You can expect quick and tangible results that will give you a good feel for the growth potential in your plan, but the biggest added value lies in the integration of our services with your current functioning and the long term vision that we build together.

In each stage of your customer journey we add proactive interaction where necessary.

Many companies only participate partly in the actual process their customers go through. Our services allow you to capitalise on opportunities more quickly but also further into the process a proactive customer approach offers more control over your added value as well as extra insights into your market.

The Proactivity Model of Geebelen & De Moortel ®

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