Big or small, local or international, product-related or service-providing, we welcome all companies that wish to grow in a controllable manner and that are willing to optimise their functioning in this regard.

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We work for companies that have developed a sound commercial operation but which are also ready to gain maximum control over their future growth. Most of the time however, the responsive attitude towards the customers proves to be insufficient or it has subsided to such an extent that the objectives cannot be achieved without putting in an extra effort. But our customers are often too busy to completely undertake the planning and the execution of this proactive interaction. Moreover, such an exercise requires abundant experience in various marketing techniques and insights into different sectors if it is to be successful.

We are extremely proud of our customers’ testimonials. Numerous companies have already made use of our services and have been able to achieve their goals in terms of growth and profitability. Their personnel feel more valued and the relations with the customers have improved a lot. Hence, we would like to invite you to read our customer testimonials and we look forward to getting to know you.

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Customer testimonials

Gerard Schuurmans

Sarah Geebelen
HuisRAAD Advocaten

Chris Heyndrickx

Jurgen Loyen

Michiel Vanreyten

We are a new player on the cybersecurity markets in the provinces of Limburg and Flemish Brabant. For our customers this is a market that initially only seems to cost a lot of money. However, very often one only notices the need of cybersecurity when it is too late. Proactify ensured a bigger brand awareness of Maas Consultancy within this field.

Ivo Maas
Maas Consultancy
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