Big or small, local or international, product-related or service-providing, we welcome all companies that wish to grow in a controllable manner and that are willing to optimise their functioning in this regard.

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We work for companies that have developed a sound commercial operation but which are also ready to gain maximum control over their future growth. Most of the time however, the responsive attitude towards the customers proves to be insufficient or it has subsided to such an extent that the objectives cannot be achieved without putting in an extra effort. But our customers are often too busy to completely undertake the planning and the execution of this proactive interaction. Moreover, such an exercise requires abundant experience in various marketing techniques and insights into different sectors if it is to be successful.

We are extremely proud of our customers’ testimonials. Numerous companies have already made use of our services and have been able to achieve their goals in terms of growth and profitability. Their personnel feel more valued and the relations with the customers have improved a lot. Hence, we would like to invite you to read our customer testimonials and we look forward to getting to know you.

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Customer testimonials

Proactify is a brilliant company to work with. They really contribute to the actions you need to take and how to start them off, follow them up, ... They are just great to work with!

David Taverniers
Easy Systems

We are a fast-growing company that wishes to stay close to its customers. Our representatives are fully deployed in visiting customers and following up actual projects and offers which means that we are at times short-handed as to active prospection. In 2019 we ran a pilot project to proactively attract new customers. Proactify keeps surprising us with their positive appeal, their perseverance and their flexibility. We are astonished by the results they are able to obtain in a short time span. Moreover, their openness and dynamics strengthen our belief in a long-term relation, which is why we extended our collaboration for 2020.

Ben Van Tichelen

I am truly pleasantly surprised by Proactify’s professionalism and open communication. They really stand out in terms of approach and dedication! The first collaboration was a success and it is with immense pleasure that I have extended our collaboration.

Ruben Deleu

As a Belgian subsidiary of an international concern, we need to prove ourselves time and again. We are a name brand in our sector and we can show for some top references. The continuous influx of new leads and customers is of crucial importance for us to create a solid stability. However, from a historical perspective our representatives have always been real "farmers", and therefore absolutely skilled in taking really good care of our existing customers, but they seem to struggle with new contacts. Precisely for this reason we got in touch with Proactify. Within the timeframe of a few months they conducted more interviews with new contacts than all of our 4 representatives did combined over several years. The staff at Proactify are the "hunters" we need for the increase of new customers within our company. Besides the many qualitative contacts, Proactify also provides us with very valuable market insights. Some of our strategical choices were made based on the analyses of Proactify.

Brett Wilms
Autajon Labels Belgium

As a supplier of a new, unknown technology we were referred to Proactify to support our lead generation process. Although our specialty "Databots" and "RPA Implementation" are anything but simple subjects to be explained in one short phone call, Proactify was quickly able to set up appointments with the right contacts. They come highly recommended!

Johan Van den Bulck

My experience with Proactify is nothing but positive! They deliver quality, they supply a great follow-up and allow us to focus on our core business. We have not doubted them for a single second!

Niels Wouters
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