Big or small, local or international, product-related or service-providing, we welcome all companies that wish to grow in a controllable manner and that are willing to optimise their functioning in this regard.

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We work for companies that have developed a sound commercial operation but which are also ready to gain maximum control over their future growth. Most of the time however, the responsive attitude towards the customers proves to be insufficient or it has subsided to such an extent that the objectives cannot be achieved without putting in an extra effort. But our customers are often too busy to completely undertake the planning and the execution of this proactive interaction. Moreover, such an exercise requires abundant experience in various marketing techniques and insights into different sectors if it is to be successful.

We are extremely proud of our customers’ testimonials. Numerous companies have already made use of our services and have been able to achieve their goals in terms of growth and profitability. Their personnel feel more valued and the relations with the customers have improved a lot. Hence, we would like to invite you to read our customer testimonials and we look forward to getting to know you.

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Customer testimonials

I am very critical and most of the time I am not entirely satisfied with my suppliers. Proactify is the exception to the rule. Proactify made sure that my company has grown significantly, even to the extent that we are able to open up a second subsidiary soon. Because of them I gained access to some big customers, to whom I would otherwise never have gained access. Meanwhile I have been able to realise a number of great projects with these customers. Even though the product we offer is extremely technical, the staff at Proactify are totally into what we do and they are able to convey this to our customers in a clear and understandable way. As a result I am very satisfied with Proactify. Therefore I recently decided to enter into a long-term collaboration with them.

Sammy Rogmans

The three strongest reasons why I collaborate with Proactify since day one are: their flexibility, their purposefulness and their openmindedness. You are able to specifically define what you need and you can make adjustments at all times if necessary.

Bart Vandesompel

We have collaborated with Proactify since they started. They make sure that we as a Dutch company gain a better market share in Belgium and Luxembourg. Because the staff at Proactify communicate in a pleasant, clear and extremely correct way, we are very satisfied with our collaboration. Proactify did not promise us mountains of gold, but they have realised a great deal of interviews with the right companies and the right people. Many of these contacts have since become purchasing customers, allowing us to more than recuperate the initial investment costs. To extend this success also in the Netherlands we have already employed Proactify to approach the Dutch market for us. Proactify has become a reliable partner as well as a strong extension of our company!

Sara Deckers
BEKO Technologies

Proactify is a very pleasant and correct company to work with. They focus on quality, professionalism and value creation. Lieze and her staff have already exceeded my expectations many times over with the projects they realised for us. Therefore we have developed a long-term collaboration. I am very satisfied!

Stijn Brepoels
Group Brepoels

We embarked on a collaboration with Proactify to be able to gain access into many new companies in a relatively short time. The briefing with Lieze and the other staff members went very smoothly and professionally. During the first stage they made sure that we were able to introduce Koenig & Bauer Coding to about 40 companies with a very clear aim. Now we are going to launch projects with a great number of these companies. During the evaluation meeting I also acquired new market insights, which are really valuable to us. We then also entered into a long-term engagement with Proactify, so that they can fill our pipeline continuously and keep on providing us with market information.

Ashley Present
Koenig & Bauer

At the moment our company is undergoing a complete transformation and that is exactly why it is important to focus on core business while still retaining sufficient commercial flexibility. That is why we collaborate with Proactify. They were able to convince us because of the combination of the people in their team and the professional framework. Lieze’s team supports us particularly in complex commercial activities, so that we are able to fully focus on carrying through the necessary changes in our organisation. They come highly recommended for everyone who needs commercial support while maintaining focus.

Sam Arckens
CCV Belgium
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